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Title: Drifting
Rating: PG
Author: jazzyjello
Warnings: Author warns for FLUFF
Summary: Luna had always paid attention to Ron. She doesn't know what to do when he starts looking back.
Link(s): Livejournal

Title: One Day
Rating: PG-13
Author: poppyfields13
Warnings: Semi-canon compliant and semi AU. Slight DH spoilers. Set during the summer between HBP and DH when Harry is still at Privet Drive. The whole description of Lunaís house I took from DH so I hope I interpreted it in a consistent way. Also the thing about the paintings is obviously from that.
Extra Warnings from Casey: Implied slash.
Summary: Itís the summer holidays and Ron is bored and grumpy. But when he begins to regularly visit Luna Lovegood, things start to get interesting and he has to make a choice.

Title: A Rather Indecent Proposal
Rating: PG
Author: Carla, cali-chan
Warnings from Casey: Starts out R/Hr; in-progress
Summary: "I need you to be my boyfriend." "Luna, you... do know I'm with Hermione... don't you?" "Yes, but don't worry, it's okay. I'm not a jealous person." His eyes almost bugged out. Every time he thought he'd seen her at her limit of craziness, she managed to surprise him yet again.
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