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Alright, you want to submit a fanfic rec/fan vid? Please read through the rules below to make sure it fits before submitting.

If it doesn't follow the rules, it doesn't get put up. Plain and simple.


1) It must be centered on Ron and Luna -- as in, Ron or Luna must be one of the main characters. Non-romance between them is fine, as long as it centers on the two as characters. It can be one-sided romance as well.

2) No Rupert and Evanna fic.

3) You can have other pairings, like Neville/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, but Ron/Luna MUST have a decent-sized role and not be a background pairing.

4) Please make sure the fic has decent grammer and has good spelling. I will not take fics that have net-speak or horrible grammer mistakes or bad spelling.

5) If there is more than one link to the story, please send all links to the story in. Some people cannot access links, for example, in Livejournal, because the entries may be locked; or one of the links is dead.

6) Please make sure if the fic involves sex, the characters are at least 16 years old. Any lower than that, not only is it on the squicky side to me, but is illegal in some countries.

7) Any rating is acceptable, but make sure the rating fits the story.

* * *


1) Same as fanfiction: It must be centered on Ron and/or Luna.

2) Don't direct link to the video if it's on someone else's website. Just link to the site where the vid is hosted.

3) Youtube links are fine.

4) Make sure the vid makes sense -- as in, the song fits Ron and Luna. No vids that look like someone slapped a couple of scenes together to a song and called it a vid.

5) NO SLIDESHOWS. It must be movie clips.

6) Do not submit vids that have stolen footage. If I find out that it has stolen clips, I will immediately remove it.

* * *

Your rec/vid still follows these rules? Send it in, then!