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Ron/Luna -- Why?

I'd been a fan of the first four Harry Potter books, but wasn't crazy about the idea of Ron Weasley (one of my absolute favorite characters) and Hermione Granger ending up together romantically, as had been implied. Then Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out. I bought the book and was enjoying myself immnesly. Then I came upon Chapter Ten: Luna Lovegood and I suddenly found myself intrigued by the character Luna Lovegood. It wasn't until I finished the book, and re-read it that I was convinced that Luna would be a great match for Ron. She was honest, imaginative, blunt, wise and didn't change her mind.

During my re-read, I also figured out how Ron could be good for her. He had loyalty, bravery, and would protect the people he loved without question. Also, he could make her laugh, which after hearing about how her life is (mother dead at age nine, people making fun of her, not a lot of friends), is something I felt she needed.

I could see that Luna is a calm person -- no matter the situation. This would work great to diffuse the hot-headed Ron, who sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him. The fact that Luna didn't react when Ron told her in their first meeting that she and the Ravenclaws "have a rubbish sense of humor then" (OotP, pg. 200) , is a good thing to note.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Luna even noted that Ron could be a bit nasty, but still didn't seem to hold anything against him. Ron, meanwhile, actually enjoyed Luna's commentary of the Quidditch match (and we all know how Quidditch is important to Ron), and seemed interested in the gurdyroot that Luna was carrying. He even mentioned that she was "growing on [him]" (HBP, pg. 425) . That made me even more of a Ron/Luna shipper and allowed me to ignore all the blatant Ron/Hermione signals.

I knew, though, in the end that Ron would end up with Hermione, but that still didn't mean I had to stop shipping Ron/Luna. I still do, and will continue to do so.

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