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Are you Rupert Grint or Evanna Lynch?
No I am not. I am just a humble girl from the United States. I doubt either of these two even know of the existence of this site. Also, before you ask, I am also not J.K. Rowling -- obviously.

You're an idiot! Ron marries Hermione and Luna marries Rolf!
Niiiiiiice. You know, I have read all of the Harry Potter books, including the crap that was Deathly Hallows; plus I've heard of J.K. Rowling's contradictory interviews. I know perfectly well that this pairing isn't canon. That doesn't mean that I can't like this ship. I felt that Rolf/Luna was just to pass Luna off somewhere, and that Ron/Hermione is a very unhealthy relationship, and I will continue to ship Ron/Luna because I enjoy them together and their dynamic.

Can I suggest a song/fic rec/essay/fan vid, etc?
Of course you can! But it MUST be Ron/Luna centered -- as in, all about Ron/Luna, NOT Harry/Hermione, or another couple, with some Ron/Luna on the side.

Can you help me make my own site?
Sorry, no. I just don't have that time. I'd try looking up some tutorials on the Internet. They can teach you a lot of things about making your own site.

I run a fan website. Would you let me be an affiliate?
As long as it doesn't bash Ron/Luna as a couple, or as individuals, I'll accept any site. It doesn't even have to be Harry Potter related.